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People three times more likely to have pet insurance than critical illness cover, survey finds

The findings suggest owners are more concerned about protecting their pets' health over their own.
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EICR Rules: Electrical Checks Become Mandatory for Rented Property from 1st April 2021

EICR Rules: Electrical Checks Become Mandatory for Rented Property from 1st April 2021 Landlords with properties in England will need to conduct an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) in order to let their English properties from 1st July 2020. The requirement will extend to all tenancies in England from 1st April 2021. The First EICR...
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Landlords refute Shelter evictions claims

Landlords have responded to new research by Shelter on rent arrears due to Covid-19, saying that they will do all they can to sustain tenancies. The charity is warning of a homelessness crisis once the five-month ban on evictions comes to an end next month. However the NRLA said evidence suggests landlords are already working...
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Blanket benefit ban ruled unlawful

Landlords are being reminded they should not have blanket policies that discriminate against benefits claimants. This comes following a court case in York, regarding a letting agent which refused to rent any properties to a single mother due to a ‘long term policy’ of not accepting housing benefit. The judge ruled it is unlawful for...
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NRLA win as government to open extra court

Temporary courts are being opened to deal with the backlog of eviction cases created by coronavirus. Chief Executive Ben Beadle explains how NRLA campaigning has brought about real change. The first ‘Nightingale Courts’ set up to tackle the backlog of court cases and tribunals that have built up as a result of coronavirus have opened...